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Chicken Street – Here I Come!!!


I spend several hours a day at the moment reading around various other internet blogs written by travelers in Vietnam. And one way or another I’ve come across the Culinary Wanderlust blog, written by a perpetually hungry Canadian girl named Jenny.

And this post in particular grabbed my attention, detailing the feast of delights to be found on a road in Hanoi colloquially known as “Chicken Street”.

Chicken Street is famous because you can buy loads of chicken there. I’m not sure how I can make that any clearer? Obviously there are various places here that you can buy chicken from. But… Well, Chicken Street has suddenly got me really excited!

I mean look, Hanoi is going to be great. I can’t wait to get in and meet the people there, visit the tomb of Ho Chi Minh, live day to day watching the nerve center of the Communist Party work its magic, immerse myself in the culture and the day to day life, etc.

But honestly, I think an evening spent on Chicken Street has just made it to the top of my List Of Things To Do When I Get To Hanoi! It looks utterly spectacular.

More tips please Jenny! (And sorry for nicking your photo…)