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Eating Bird Foetus

So the other night I ate birds foetuses. ‘Things I Never Thought I’d Say’, page 1.

Can you tell how much I loved eating these?
Can you tell how much I loved eating these?
A spooned foetus, pre munch.
A spooned foetus, pre munch.

Apparently they’re a Vietnamese delicacy, very popular among young people in Vietnam. And I’m still young. ish. Thus I was taken by a friend to try what was concerningly described to me before hand only as ‘foetal’. ‘Lets got for some foetal’, the refrain may call.

Preparation from the restaurant seems minimal. The eggs are simply boiled until cooked with a minimum of fuss. The procedure from there runs thus: take an egg, taking care to not burn one’s fingers. Tap the egg gently on the table to break the shell. Open a small hole in the shell, and pour in some sauce, usually a spicy sauce containing chopped up chili peppers. Before extracting the foetus for eating (TINTIS, p. 2) it is common to suck out the… I don’t know. The foetal fluid? I suppose so. Suck out the foetal fluid. Page 3.

Once said fluid is fully drained, gently squeeze the egg and pop its contents onto a tea spoon. Drench said contents (for lack of adequate description) in more sauce, and eat whole.

Delia would be proud.

‘Can you see feathers’, a colleague asked me yesterday. No, you can’t see feathers, but you can make out features of a still undeveloped bird. Sometimes you get a crunch, and think ‘I wonder if that was a bit of beak?’ You ponder if the squishy bits are brains.

It tastes interesting, which is to say that it wasn’t unpleasant, but not exactly something I’m sat here relishing again. A broad meaty taste, I’d say. Its probably very good for you, full of protein or something.

We had snails too.