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The Hanoi Street Food Sunday Roast

Tell me you don't see a roast.
Tell me you don’t see a roast.
Forking amazing.
Forking amazing.

Is this the closest thing Hanoi has to a Vietnamese street food Sunday roast?

Of course, if a proper roast is what you’re after you can always head for one of the many western food places who seem to offer something approaching it. One place in particular, The Moose and Roo, is reputed to have an exceptionally good roast, although alas, one I am yet to eat personally.

But tonight, we headed out to a local eaterie, upon whence we were presented with two steaming hotplates crammed full of remarkably tasty food bearing perhaps a passing resemblance to Mum’s roast dinner.

Its not quite the complete works, and there is a small act of mental gymnastics required to convince yourself this is actually a Sunday roast. But, if such a thing was simply a case of box ticking, then enough ticks can be seen to render this place at least remarkably close. Meat: check – a few bits of very tasty beef. Potato: check – albeit in the form of crinkle cut chips. Veg: well yeah, there’s green bits. Gravy: check! You even get a fried egg for your troubles.

And the piece de resistance, which sets this apart from other Hanoi street food eateries: KNIVES AND FORKS. None of this chopsticks nonsense.

My fellow expats and other more local friends can enjoy this wonderful feast by making for a street on the edge of the Old Quarter named Hoe Nhai. Number 3 and 4 Hoe Nhai in particular, we find, has more than everything you need, and for a mere 70,000 dong (a slither over £2) you’ll come away thoroughly satisfied.