Current Location

Liverpool UK


So, here it is. This is what my life looks like for the next couple of months. Everything I need to survive is crammed somewhere inside this not inconsiderable bag. You’ll be relieved to know I managed to find space for both my Joy Division vest AND the cool beige and white spotty shorts I got from Urban Outfitters a few weeks back. Relax, its all ok. Really.

Strange to think that you can live for months on end out of something so small. Relatively small, I mean – I still look like a massive turtle when I’ve got this on my back, and I’m likely to take shelves full of toiletries with me if I swing around too quickly while wearing it in Boots. But you get my point.

photo (2)

Also, my parents got me this – an Adam’s Grand Tour pendant / dog tag thing. They appear to have once again exceeded themselves with both imagination and sheer invention when trying to figure out something to get me. It includes the letters NKDA – which my brother (a doctor, nonetheless) says means No Known Drug Allergies. The idea being that if I am found unconscious and bleeding in a dark Hutong then a nearby doctor can pump me full of drugs without fear of legal reprisal.

photo (3)

And it also includes my address and post code, presumably so when they’re finished with me they can put enough stamps on me and I’ll find my way home! Huzzah!

I leave in around four hours time. My train departs at 4.18pm. As such, this marks the end of six months of planning, of fitting pieces of the journey together, of visa stamps and Hep B jabs and breathlessly explaining to people what it is I’m off to do. The time for all that stuff is over. The time to set out has arrived.

So, this will be my final blog post from Liverpool. See you on the dark side…

(No not Wirral. That was meant to be a metaphor)