Pounding the Pavements


A bloke drumming in the streetNot every day you come across a chap drumming in the street. But that’s what I saw today in Liverpool. Look at this – proper full drum kit and everything! Naturally being a drummer myself I took intense interest in his sticking technique, his careful use of paradiddles and an unorthodox but effective right foot. Most other people just thought he was a pretty good drummer.

I always feel bad when I walk away without putting any money in the little box when these street chaps finish what they’re doing. Last week it was a bloke jumping through a ring of knives. Seriously. The week before a feller was throwing playing cards from the ground onto the top of five storey buildings – and I still didn’t give him anything!

But I did buy the Big Issue the week before. That makes it ok, right?

Anyway, travelling wise. I’ve bought a Kindle to take away with me on my trip. I’m going to wait for it to arrive and then I’ll do another post lamenting my descention into the world of modern technology.