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Trees on Motorbikes

A tree on a motorbike. Of course.
A tree on a motorbike. Of course.

The reason Christmas and New Year in Vietnam is such a non-event is that they’re much more interested in celebrating Tet – the lunar New Year, which happens in the week covering the end of January and the start of February. (A whole week off from teaching, fully paid? Oh bloody go on then!)

The local tradition isn’t for pine trees covered in tinsel and lights, but rather for real orange trees, covered in ripe, ready to pick oranges.

And how do you get an orange tree across one of the busiest cities in south-east Asia? Why, simply strap it to the back of your scooter, of course! I wish I could say this picture, taken on my way to work about ten minutes ago, is the exception. But I’ve seen a few dozen motorbiking-trees already this week, and I expect to see more.

By the way, no-one apart from me even noticed this. Most normal thing in the world, appaz.